The Work - Katie and Kerstin have changed my life. I thought my life was predetermined. I believed I would experience the same as my mother. I saw myself as a victim and put such a strong resistance against it, that I felt as if I went mad. Now I am finding out that I am not a victim, nor my mother. I notice that I feel less home sickness and that I am my home now. There are still many thoughts going on, but I do not believe them all. It becomes lighter and lighter. I can not imagine my life without The Work any more.
It was a very fertile time…although I was skeptical attending the seminar with my partner and three other participants. This week gave me a break from my daily routine as a psychotherapist and brought light into areas which need more attention and where is work to be done. The compilation of the group which finally always turns out to be the right one, gave me the feeling of security and was a mirror. The setting helped me to focus on the essential, as I was not busy with daily routines. Many thanks to all – especially to Kerstin for her lovingly competence.
Now with three months distance I notice that the seed which I have sowed during the seminar “Love yourself” is growing and growing. The plant which is being created is beautiful. I know it. Thank you Kerstin, thank you Volker!
The seminar offers a lot of space for the examination of the ego-mind and what keeps it alife: Not questioned returning stories, based on thoughts that are not true. Thoughts about me and the world. Who wants a first hand experience with The Work, can wholehearted trust the instructions of these lovely people of Ralf Giesens Team. My experience with this seminar is that I lost many painful convictions about myself, my family and in exchange I got new perspectives about life, which made me lighter and more free. Therefore want tos ay thank you to Kerstin, Angela and Willi for this affectionate time with you and the other participants at Mallorca.
I am so thankful for this week which I have spent in such a nice atmosphere. I had the space to meet myself mindfully and lovingly. Above all I want to thank Kerstin for her open, loving and constructive assistance. Yes, there was a positive change in my life. Quietness and peace are more often present in my life. I do not get upset easily any more and can accept others as they are.
This is for me the first path to more contentment and happiness which is not only theoretical but freeing and so true-to-life. Once you start to walk this path, there is no way back – fortunately. I am so glad, to have listened to my inner voice and that I took this path. I felt in good hands with Kerstin. Thank you so much for everything!


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