Coaching at Mallorca

Are you looking for a change but you can’t manage to achieve it? Do you feel stuck, or would you like to have someone with you during the process?

Clients who work with me wish to reduce stress in their lives. My work is based on a method called The Work of Byron Katie, which helps you observe and question your stressful thoughts which cause the suffering.

We can meet in person, if you are living at Mallorca or per Skype. 

If you think the cause of your problem is ‘out there,’ you’ll try to solve it from the outside. Take the shortcut: solve it from within.
— Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is about questioning your stressful thoughts, which lead you to suffering. You do not suffer due to what happens, but due to what you think about it, and to the conclusions you draw about it. You are not sad for no reason: a feeling is always a reaction to a previous thought that consciously or unconsciously has gone through your head.


Kerstin Esser

My life changed radically thanks to an ongoing internal work process with myself and others. I love the way in which life has developed in the last years. From The Work and the community of people who implement it I have learnt how to live a life that is based on love, trust, personal fulfillment, understanding, and honesty with myself and the also. Also, it has given me the chance of having a job that allows me to be of service to others. Nowadays, I share The Work in one-week retreats in Mallorca, and also over Skype, by telephone, or at my clients’ homes. I offer workshops for businesses and organizations in Mallorca. There are no special topics for me: I am open to any topic, and I would love to be your facilitator with The Work.


What others say about The Work of Byron Katie

This is for me the first path to more contentment and happiness which is not only theoretical but freeing and so true-to-life. Once you start to walk this path, there is no way back – fortunately. I am so glad, to have listened to my inner voice and that I took this path. I felt in good hands with Kerstin. Thank you so much for everything!
— Stella Geiser from Düsseldorf | Seminar: Loving what is - 2014


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